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I made the leap again and enrolled in the National Certificate in Public Health with Massey University. The back to study thing for me was ad hoc journey, to say the least. I had applied for the Ministry of Health scholarship to pay for my fees and unbeknown to me it was at a time when their website was down.  Long story short, after filling in necessary paperwork I had to catch up on five weeks of study.  Fortunately for me, I embraced and benefit strongly from the online learning environment. 

Why, because I could study anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Massey University utilises podcasts, YouTube and online forums similar to Facebook to ensure that you experience learning in a not so traditional setting.  I know my attention span is not that great at the best of times, but this type of learning environment helped me stay engaged for longer and actually learn something.

I thought I would share some of my Pros and Cons that I gathered over my return to study journey. I am happy to say there are more Pros than Cons and with the right support, I can manage the Cons and get through them.


  • Listening to a podcast while driving and exercising and watching YouTube videos
  • Studying with others in the office
  • Meeting others in Whanganui doing the same paper
  • Having the support from our CEO who allowed us time each week to study at work
  • Weekly multi-choice assessments
  • Not having to attend lectures


Essays, exams APA referencing and reading academic literature

I recommend any type of study but in my opinion, the best parts are that it:

  • Educates and empowers you
  • Benefits your whanau - my kids see me doing it
  • Can lead to more income and helps towards the minimum requirement of a education for my role in Public Health.

Get yourself into a positive headspace.  Make sure you have the attitude of ‘I am going to smash it!’ and don't make excuses, that's just life..

Remember 'you don't get growth in places of comfort'

I am more than happy to help others who need guidance or support, give me a call or email. 


Charles Chadwick

Nga Tai o Te Awa

M: 021 2278884



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