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The Ministry of Health has contracted Torutek Limited to supply an electronic database software product, CONCERN, to assist the gambling sector with the management of gambler venue exclusion (including multi-venue exclusion) processes, as defined by the Gambling Act 2003.  CONCERN is a cloud-based database with a web portal that will enable all interested parties to electronically manage the exclusion process from a common source of data more promptly.

A comprehensive electronic database presents an excellent opportunity to streamline the exclusion process as well as improve the effectiveness and efficiency of exclusion as a harm minimisation tool. In addition, this would also collect exclusion data relating to Section 309 and 310 exclusion orders issued by venues outside the Multi-Venue Exclusion (MVE) process.

The National MVE Administration Service (NAS), delivered by The Salvation Army (TSA) under contract to the Ministry of Health, are working with Torutek to administer the CONCERN database. NAS will lead the implementation of CONCERN across the industry sector.

Implementation of CONCERN

The CONCERN database has undergone customization to fit within the current National MVE Framework and has also undergone security testing to meet government requirements.

The go live date for the new CONCERN database is 20 July 2020

NAS is working with every Society/Club regarding the implementation of CONCERN across all Class 4 venues by the go live date.

CONCERN database: Access

Every Class 4 society and venue will be able to access the CONCERN database. It uses a secure two step login where every venue user will be linked to the venue email address.

Regional MVE Coordinators will have read access to the CONCERN database, which will be administered and managed by NAS.

Will there be any change in the MVE process for PMGH Providers?

No, there will be no change in the current MVE process for PMGH service providers. 

Please continue to assist the client in completing the MVE Request Form (paper form/fillable PDF form) and Venue Identification Form (paper form/fillable PDF form) and email the forms and photos onto your MVE Coordinator for a quality check process. 

If there are no quality issues the Regional MVE Coordinator forwards the documents onto the National MVE Administrator to enter onto the CONCERN database. 

Once entered, the database sends out an email notification to all venues on the MVE Request. The venue receives the pending MVE notification, logs into CONCERN and accepts the MVE exclusion request, automatically generating a venue exclusion order. The approved order is then automatically emailed back to the NAS to complete the process. If clients require a copy the National Administrator will forward the exclusion order to them. 

The societies also get an email notification so they can real time monitor their venue compliance, ensuring exclusion requests are being approved and orders issued promptly.

Additionally, the venues will process their own venue self-exclusions and venue-initiated exclusions via CONCERN, ensuring all exclusion data is now under one national database.

If you require further information about the CONCERN database, please contact the National Administration Service.

National Administration Service
Email: NationalMVEAdmin@salvationarmy.o...
P: 09 639 1106 | M: +64211907218


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